My work explores the extraordinary in our everyday lives, infusing these moments in time and space with a child-like curiosity and enthusiasm. Images of swirling nests; grass set aglow by the setting sun; flocks of birds against austere cloud banks; quiet spaces transformed by surprising light. As a mother of two young boys I am privileged to reconsider the world I've previously constructed in my mind, one encounter at a time.
Looking as a child at the synchronous phenomena of our environment, I am forever in debt to the beauty of natural landscape. Through notes and sketches I formalize colors, shapes, lines, and light, forging compositions that are bold and singular, in motion yet frozen in time.
I am challenged as a painter to remain at the crossroads of mark making and recognition, where definitions of realism evolve and inspire looking. My images ask the viewer to spend time with them in wonder, as a child might inspect the contents of a drawer and how the pieces work together. My assumption is that the elements coexist and have connectivity. Daily life requires us to categorize what we see and get to the point, but to me, the looking process is what's worthwhile.