Already There: Reflections on Living While Dying (2016)

Poetry by Richard Tate

llustrations by Lauren Karnitz

Prints of illustrations are available for $35 each, shipping included.

"Rick" Tate lived with cancer for 15 years, in stage 4 for his last five years. During this period he participated in multiple cancer trials and wrote poems about "living with" rather than "dying from" cancer. His poems wrestle with physical limitations, pain, fear, relationships, questioning what's next, and most importantly, the beauty of what is within us and around us right now.

These illustrations are hopeful pieces, teasing out what it means to embrace one's reality: life's journey, its cyclical nature, being one among many, questioning truth and reality, loving and caring along the way.


We Are Many While We Are One
Life Weave
Some Place Real
Releasing the Flesh
Peaceful Slumber
Sowing Seeds
Tiny Star
I See the Wistful Moon
Look for Me
Pearls of Wisdom
Your Touch
Stanzas and Seasons
Lighting the Path
Middle Way
A Wondrous Land
Still Striving to Soar
Already There
Flowers in the Rain
While We Still See the Sun
Joyfully Walking in the Light
Remember Me
A Soul Traveling
Coming Full Circle
Letting Go
30 Images