Can you imagine your wedding cake flowers forever in bloom? How about knowing you were kind to the environment? 

Both are possible with ECO FLOWERS! 

Eco flowers are created entirely of recycled materials, transforming everyday items into pieces of art. Eco Flower designs can be easily placed on your cake. After the wedding, have the flowers arranged to remember your special day!

The "Marissa"
The "Marissa"
The "Marissa"
The "Marissa"
The "Glynis"
The "Heather"
The "Heather"
The "Bella Rose"
The "Bella Rose"
The "Bella Rose" Topper
The "Bella Rose" Topper
The "Lillian"
The "Lillian"
The "Susannah"
The "Susannah"
Pink/Red Flower Patch
Blue/Silver Flower Patch
Pink, Red, & Black Flower Patch
White/Yellow/Silver Flower Patch
Blue, Pink & White Flower Patch
Yellow & Black Flower Patch
Purple, Pink & Red Flower Patch
Yellow/White Flower Patch
Red, White & Silver Flower Patch
Yellow Flower Patch
Peach & White Flower Patch
Red & Yellow Flower Patch
Red, Pink & White Flower Patch
Red & White Flower Patch
Pink & Blue Flower Patch
Yellow & White Flower Patch
Green, Red & White Flower Patch
Yellow & Pink Flower Patch
Green & Red, Yellow & Black Flower Patch
Pink & Yellow Flower Patch
Yellow/Red Flower Patch
Blue & Yellow Flower Patch
Flower Patch Garden in clear bulb vase
White Glory with Leaves
3 Magnolias in Ruffled Clear Vase with Stones
Speckled Magnolia
Magnolia with Silver
Magnolia with Green
2 Magnolias in 12" Clear Vase/Black Stones
White/Fuscia Peony
Mixed Poppy with Beige/Green
White/Pink/Green Peony
Mixed Poppy with Green/Pink
Mixed Poppy with Red/Pink
White & Purple Peony
White & Blue Peony
Yellow Rose with Leaf Base
Striped Yellow/Cream Peony
Yellow Poppy with Pink/White
Cream/Yellow/Orange Peony
Yellow Poppy with Pink/White
Yellow Rose with Pink
Yellow/Cream Poppy with Green/White
Cream/Yellow Poppy with Red
Yellow/Red Rose with Leaves
Yellow/Cream Banded Peony
Yellow, Cream, Brown Poppy in Red/Green Artisan Vase
Cream, Yellow, Orange Peony in Orange/Green Artisan Vase
Cream Poppy with Mauve
Cream Poppy with Brown
Cream/Red Poppy with Bee
Assorted Poppies
Yellow/Cream Peonies with Copper Stems
Assorted Poppies
Assorted Peonies & Poppies
Bronze Bandeau
Pencil Bloom
Copper Tree
Cream Poppy with Sprout
Simply White
Double Beige Bloom
White Lilly
Yellow Lilly
Assorted Lillies
White Lilly with Leaves
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