Unique SPRING Wreaths!
Yarn wrapped pinecone and assembled wreaths that reflect your individuality
Purple & Lavender Bloom with Succulent
Yellow/Green with Pink Bloom & Succulents
Pink & Green Bloom with Succulent
Teal & Green with Succulents
Many Pinks with Green Succulent
Violet Bloom with Leaves and Succulent
Yellow & Orange with Succulents
Lavender & Green with Succulents
Orange/Yellow Bloom with Orange Berries
Yellow Bloom with Leaves & Peach Flowers
Double Pink Bloom with Red Flower
Coral & Yellow Bloom with Succulents
Triple Pink Bloom with Pink Flowers
Orange & Yellow Bloom with Green Succulent
Purple & Fuchsia Bloom
Double Yellow Bloom with Orange Berries
Double Pink Bloom with Pink Flower
Light Yellow Bloom with Leaves & Yellow Flowers
Orange Bloom with Leaves & Succulent
Mauve & Dark Pink Bloom with Green Flowers
Pink Bloom with Leaves & Pink Flowers
Mauve & Pink Bloom with Pink Flower
White & Yellow Bloom with Pods
Mauve and Dark Pink Bloom with Red Flower
Orange & Yellow Bloom with Dark Orange Berries
Yellow & Orange Bloom with Orange Flower
Pink Bloom with Leaves and Pink Flower
Light & Medium Yellow Bloom with Orange Berries
Purple Bloom with Leaves
Double Yellow Bloom
Pink Bloom with Leaves & Purple Flower
Orange & Light Green Bloom with Red Flower
Double Red Bloom with Red Flower
Eucalyptus Nest
Pink Grass Nest with Robin's Eggs
Pink Grass Nest with White Eggs
Pink Wild Flower Nest with Robin's Eggs
Purple Clover Nest with Robin's Egg
Purple Clover Nest with White Eggs
Purple Clover & White Berries Wreath
Moss, Green Leaves & Robin's Egg Nest
Moss, Green Leaves & Ranunculus Nest
Neutral Flowers & Pinecone Nest Wreath
White Flowers, Leaves & Blue Egg Nest Wreath
Grasses, Natural Flowers & Robin's Egg Mini Nest
Orange Metallic Flower with Yellow Blooms Wreath
Yellow Wild Flower Wreath
Pink Wild Flowers and Grasses Wreath
Wild Flowers and Moss Wreath
Peachy Wild Flowers & Sisal Bird Wreath
Yellow Wild Flowers & Green Leaf Nest #1
Yellow Wild Flowers & Green Leaf Nest #2
White Rose, Wild Flowers & Gray Bird Nest
Pink Rose & Wild Flowers Wreath
Pink Rose & Purple Flowers Wreath
Rabbit Nest
White Rose and Wild Flowers Wreath
Neutral Wild Flowers & Brown Bird Wreath
Grasses, Natural Flowers & Orange Egg Nest
Celery & Burgundy Holiday Fruit
Silver Fruit & Pine
Purple Holiday with Bird
Colorful Fruit Holiday
Forest Green & Dark Red Holiday
White & Silver Holiday
Burgundy & Purple Holiday
Pine & Fruit Holiday
Lime Green & Pink Holiday
Fruit, Berries & Pine Holiday
White & Light Green Holiday
Peppermint Holiday
Burgundy & Celery Holiday
Icy Winter Nest & Bird
Purple & Moss Green Holiday
Icy Pear & Grapes
Mint Green & Red Reindeer
Snowy Winter Nest & Bird
White, Greens & Burgundy Holiday
Red Bird's Nest
Lime & Purple Holiday
Fall Celebration
Many Greens Holiday
Icy Green Holiday
Lime Green & Crimson Reindeer
Icy Winter Nest & Cardinal
Burgundy & Celery Holiday 2
Moss Green & Red Holiday
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