Unique SUMMER Wreaths!

Yarn wrapped pinecone & assembled wreaths that reflect your individuality

Commisions welcomed
Violet Bloom with Leaves and Succulent
Yellow & Light Green Bloom with Yellow Flowers
Orange Bloom with Leaves & Lime Pom
Purple, Lavender & Fuscia Bloom with Succulent
Orange/Yellow Bloom with Orange Berries
Orange & White Autumn Bloom
Lavender & Violet Bloom with Pink Flowers
Light Yellow Bloom with Leaves & Yellow Flowers
Many Pinks with Green Succulent
Pink Bloom with Leaves & Pink Flowers
Mauve & Dark Pink Bloom with Green Flowers
Yellow & Orange with Succulents
Teal & Green with Succulents
Yellow/Green with Pink Bloom & Succulents
Orange & Yellow Bloom with Green Succulent
Lavender & Green with Succulents
Double Pink Bloom with Red Flower
Purple & Lavender Bloom with Succulent
Yellow & Orange Sunburst
Pink & Green Bloom with Succulent
Coral & Yellow Bloom with Succulents
Yellow Bloom with Leaves & Peach Flowers
Triple Pink Bloom with Pink Flowers
Purple & Fuchsia Bloom
Double Yellow Bloom with Orange Berries
Double Pink Bloom with Pink Flower
Mauve & Pink Bloom with Pink Flower
White & Yellow Bloom with Pods
Mauve and Dark Pink Bloom with Red Flower
Orange & Yellow Bloom with Dark Orange Berries
Yellow & Orange Bloom with Orange Flower
Pink Bloom with Leaves and Pink Flower
Light & Medium Yellow Bloom with Orange Berries
Purple Bloom with Leaves
Double Yellow Bloom
Pink Bloom with Leaves & Purple Flower
Orange & Light Green Bloom with Red Flower
Double Red Bloom with Red Flower
Neutral Flowers & Pinecone Nest Wreath
White Flowers, Leaves & Blue Egg Nest Wreath
Pink Grass Nest with Robin's Eggs
Pink Grass Nest with White Eggs
Grasses, Natural Flowers & Robin's Egg Mini Nest
Pink Wild Flower Nest with Robin's Eggs
Purple Clover Nest with Robin's Egg
Purple Clover Nest with White Eggs
Purple Clover & White Berries Wreath
Moss, Green Leaves & Robin's Egg Nest
Moss, Green Leaves & Ranunculus Nest
Orange Metallic Flower with Yellow Blooms Wreath
Yellow Wild Flower Wreath
Pink Wild Flowers and Grasses Wreath
Wild Flowers and Moss Wreath
Peachy Wild Flowers & Sisal Bird Wreath
Yellow Wild Flowers & Green Leaf Nest #1
Yellow Wild Flowers & Green Leaf Nest #2
White Rose, Wild Flowers & Gray Bird Nest
Eucalyptus Nest
Pink Rose & Wild Flowers Wreath
Pink Rose & Purple Flowers Wreath
Rabbit Nest
White Rose and Wild Flowers Wreath
Neutral Wild Flowers & Brown Bird Wreath
Grasses, Natural Flowers & Orange Egg Nest
Celery & Burgundy Holiday Fruit
Silver Fruit & Pine
Purple Holiday with Bird
Colorful Fruit Holiday
Forest Green & Dark Red Holiday
White & Silver Holiday
Burgundy & Purple Holiday
Pine & Fruit Holiday
Lime Green & Pink Holiday
Fruit, Berries & Pine Holiday
White & Light Green Holiday
Peppermint Holiday
Burgundy & Celery Holiday
Icy Winter Nest & Bird
Purple & Moss Green Holiday
Icy Pear & Grapes
Mint Green & Red Reindeer
Snowy Winter Nest & Bird
White, Greens & Burgundy Holiday
Red Bird's Nest
Lime & Purple Holiday
Fall Celebration
Many Greens Holiday
Icy Green Holiday
Lime Green & Crimson Reindeer
Icy Winter Nest & Cardinal
Burgundy & Celery Holiday 2
Moss Green & Red Holiday
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